Refund and Returns Policy

Refund, Resend, and Returns Policy

At, we are committed to providing you with the best shopping experience possible. We understand that sometimes issues may arise with your orders. To ensure your satisfaction, we have outlined our Refund, Resend, and Returns Policy below. Please read this policy carefully to understand how we handle different situations.

1. Damaged Items

We take utmost care in packaging and shipping your orders. However, if you receive a damaged item, we offer a quick dispute resolution process and request the following:

a. Photos or Videos of the Damaged Item: Please provide clear photos or videos of the damaged item to demonstrate the damage. If photos alone cannot prove the product’s damage, kindly upload a video.

b. Screenshot of the Complaint or Dispute: Include a screenshot of the email or dispute received, showing the name, date, and content of the complaint. This helps us understand the issue thoroughly.

c. Return of Products: If our Dispute Team requests a return in disputes, you may need to return the damaged products to

2. Orders Delayed

In cases of delayed orders, we will assist you as follows:

a. Orders Shipped to the USA: For orders shipped to the USA, we consider them delayed if they have not been delivered within 45 days after departing from

b. Orders Shipped to Brazil: Due to strict customs clearance in Brazil, we consider orders delayed if they have not been delivered within 110 days from the date of departure from

c. Woodsaspire Packet Liquid Line: For woodsaspire Packet Liquid Line to all countries, we will address disputes for delayed orders if they have not been delivered within 100 days from the date of departure from

d. Special Shipping Methods: For some special shipping methods, we may not be able to handle disputes (please refer to the important interpretation below).

Important Notes:

  • Sometimes, orders may arrive at the nearest post office but remain pending due to reasons such as insufficient address, unclaimed package, or incorrect recipient information. In such cases, it is advisable for clients to contact their local post office or visit in person for delivery.
  • In Israel, packages are typically delivered to self-pickup cabinets, which can lead to longer delivery times. Clients are advised to contact their local post office for assistance.
  • In cases where local tracking numbers indicate delivery but customers claim non-receipt, woodsaspire will make efforts to verify the situation. This process may take 1-2 months, and results are not guaranteed.

3. Orders Not Received

For orders not received, we have specific requirements:

a. Non-Delivery Certification: If your clients do not receive the package, we require a non-delivery certification issued by the local post office with an official seal.

b. Tracking Information Alert: If the tracking information shows an “Alert,” it could be due to reasons such as an incorrect or insufficient address, no such number, unknown recipient, refusal, failure to pick up in time, lack of a safe delivery location, uncleared customs, or other issues.

Important Notes:

  • The local distributor will attempt delivery 1-3 times based on the situation. If the package remains unclaimed during this period, it will be returned to the local post office for storage (3-7 days). Clients must pick up the package themselves, as woodsaspire assumes no responsibility for lost products during the return process.
  • If the logistics company provides return service to China, woodsaspire will place the products in your private inventory and will not issue refunds upon receiving the returned items.
  • Woodsaspire cannot offer refunds or resends if you do not process undelivered orders or packages destroyed by logistics companies.

4. Products Damaged

For damaged products, we offer the following solutions:

a. Full Refund or Replacement: We offer a full refund or replacement for packages that arrive badly damaged.

b. Partial Refund or Replacement: For packages that arrive partially damaged (except for minor issues like thread, slight wrinkles, or small scratches), we offer a partial refund or replacement.

Important Notes:

  • For fragile products, a refund is recommended.
  • For damaged packing boxes due to long-distance international delivery, woodsaspire cannot offer refunds or other after-sale services.
  • For ordinary products, clients must complain or open a dispute within 5 days after package delivery. For electronic products, this period is extended to 10 days.
  • For service products, woodsaspire refunds the product’s cost based on the price in the Chinese market. If you have woodsaspire quality inspection service, we assume no responsibility. (Refer to the important interpretation on Service products).

5. Incorrect or Missing Products

At, we have a stringent quality control process. If you receive incorrect or missing products, we address these situations as follows:

a. Incorrect Products: We offer a full refund or replacement for incorrect products.

b. Products with Wrong Color or Size: If these issues do not affect product function, we offer a refund or resend if you provide a screenshot of your client’s complaint, including name, content, and date.

c. Missing Parts: For parts missing but not affecting product function, we may offer a partial refund or resend the missing part. If the missing parts affect product function, we will resend the entire product.

d. Accessories: We will resend any missing accessories.

Important Notes:

  • For size-related problems, providing accurate measurements and photos of the product according to the correct measurement method is appreciated.

6. Orders Cancellation

a. Before Processing: Woodsaspire offers a full refund for orders canceled before processing by our warehouses.

b. POD Orders: After payment, POD orders cannot be canceled as they are customized.

c. Preorder Inventory Orders: After payment, preorder inventory orders cannot be canceled as they are special products available exclusively for you.

d. Video and Photo Orders: After payment, video and photo orders cannot be canceled as Woodsaspire plans and prepares them specifically for you.

We hope this policy clarifies our procedures for refunds, resends, and returns. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to help you resolve any issues promptly.